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DiafiLaw is a family law office in Austin, Texas, owned by Sarah Diafi, attorney at law, for the past 29 years. DiafiLaw is located at The Domain and offers 4 additional satellite offices all over Austin to serve you. DiafiLaw provides family law legal services in agreed and contested matters involving the following:

Empower Yourself

When a relationship ends, many people feel helpless and confused. What is the next step? What are my rights? How is property divided? You may also wonder how you will be able to survive financially, especially when the initial separation occurs. If you are a non-working spouse, and have no control of the community funds, ending a relationship may seem impossible. Likewise, if you are in an abusive relationship, you may be afraid that it is too dangerous to leave. You may also wonder how to protect your assets, and whether there are steps to take to protect your wealth before proceeding to a divorce. Taking the first step by talking to an experienced Austin family law attorney will do a great deal to relieve your anxiety and arm you with empowering knowledge. The law regarding family matters in Texas protects you in exactly these types of situations. At DiafiLaw, an experienced Austin family attorney will discuss your personal situation with you and together you will create an exit strategy so that the separation process can begin. Our goal is to assist you in safely removing the unwanted partner from your life, while ensuring that you are financially secure moving forward through the legal process.


Getting divorced and making custody decisions are serious matters with consequences that affect property rights and children for years to come. It is advisable that a person needing to make these decisions do so soberly and in an objective state of mind. The emotional aspect of getting divorced can make planning and decision making difficult. Sarah Diafi will help you plan your divorce and endeavor to minimize the emotional and financial impact on you. Sarah Diafi will advise you regarding a plan for the children when the divorce is initiated, and the applicable laws designed to minimize the impact on the children of the marriage, if any. This includes financial security. In addition to expertise in custody matters, DiafiLaw offers 29 years of experience in complex and sophisticated property disputes. Retirement, real property interests, stocks, and the interests in businesses that may be part of the community estate all require extensive knowledge of the family code and applicable laws. Disputes often arise over community property versus separate property. Skill in tracing property and funds to determine whether an asset belongs to the community and is subject to division is essential to preserving your rights in the estate. This is true for small and large estates. Part of the benefit of having a skilled attorney is that she may be able to uncover valuable information regarding the estate, including hidden funds, that are not readily apparent. This kind of planning may occur prior to filing the petition to secure assets until a court can make a determination on division. This will also prevent the other spouse from depleting the estate before a court can rule, and before they are served with the restraining order, which is automatic and is attached to the divorce petition they are served with. Everybody’s case is different, so call to find out what the best course of action is for you to follow in your case.


Retaining an attorney for a family law matter in Austin can be financially devastating. Many firms demand tens of thousands of dollars as an initial retainer. This can put quality legal services out of reach for many families. DiafiLaw strives to offer affordable legal services, with modest retainers, low hourly rates, sliding scale fee structures and monthly payment plans. In addition, it is our goal to provide streamlined, cost effective advocacy. What this means for you is that every effort is made to ensure that the matter will be handled quietly and quickly, so that when the matter is resolved, you are able to resume your life without being emotionally traumatized by the legal proceedings or financially crippled by attorney fees. It doesn’t have to be a war. Call to find out how much your case might cost.


Part of any lawsuit is the need for negotiation and mediation. Cases that end in agreement will save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees and may help avoid an unfavorable ruling from a judge. Negotiation happens throughout the case, and if successful, can save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Ultimately, the decision on settlement lies with you, the client. Part of DiafiLaw’s commitment to the client to minimize expenses is accomplished through negotiation and settlement, whenever possible. Each case is unique, so call today to discuss the likelihood of your case settling.


The time it takes for a family law matter to become a final order depends on the type of case. In general, a typical case with children and property takes an average six months to one year. Our attorney’s skill and experience will work to move your case to conclusion in the minimal possible time. DiafiLaw understands that your time is valuable. Every effort will be made to ensure that your life will continue to function normally during this difficult time. Call today to see how long your particular case would take.

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“I think the best tool in understanding a client’s needs is simply listening. Taking the time to listen to all a client wants to tell you is essential in developing an accurate history and a comprehensive picture of what the client wants to accomplish. I try to be a good listener.” Sarah Diafi

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